In my opinion Rayek has become the most interesting character of Elfquest. He is not a bad guy, but definitely not good either. He's what I call a grey character. Darkness and Light are both in him. He tried to fly to the stars and fell very hard.
He was arrogant, ruthless and ambitious, and a real control freak. He managed to give Cutter the trauma of his life by abducting his family and his soulbrother.

So why do I love him that much??
Apart from being so drop dead gorgeous, of course. I guess, I just go for the dark and tragic. And because I can understand his dream. His neverending yearning to be more, to stretch beyond the limits of his former self.
He had to learn compassion and respect the hard way, and he payed dearly for his hypocracy.
Being the only thing, that stands between the world and a mad spirit, who revels in inflicting pain and killing is truly the hardest fate that any elf on the World of Two Moons has to endure.


Here's to Brownskin, may he fly again!!!




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